I became a coach because, as a former high school teacher, it fits with my philosophy on education. The best kind of learning is person-centred, where the learner discovers the answers they’re looking for rather than being told what they are. The lessons we learn stick better when they come from our own experience, rather than from a lecture.

One of my main professional goals is to help as many organizations as possible become sustainable, liveable, vibrant and productive workplaces. Positive change at the top is what can have the biggest impact in an organization. Coaching and

A consultant might provide you with some quick answers, but the knowledge a business leader gains through their exploration with a business coach can help you now and stay with you for a lifetime. Coaching, to me, means being there for people to help them connect their experience with their goals. To help them gain clarity and get where they need to go through deep questioning, active listening, and honest, judgement-free discussion.

Having a coach means having someone with you that can take you places you’ve never explored or considered, and making connections between things you’d never think of. A coach isn’t there to just supply all the answers, but to ask the questions that need to be asked, and give you the tools to find the right solutions for you.

I believe issues are opportunities for growth, and I’m at my best when there’s the synergy that happens when we’re working together and co-creating solutions. Having grown up and lived in different countries, I bring a broad perspective in terms of other cultural approaches to problem solving.


Barbara Odenwald

Ottawa Business Coach


“The mind is like a parachute: it only works when it is open.”

“Working with Barbara has been great to help develop and maintain effectiveness and productivity at work. I will definitely recommend her to colleagues.”


 “Barbara has given me a toolset to work through challenges and change at work.”

“Barbara was very passionate and enthusiastic  – I took away a lot from our session together.”