I have boundless hope and enthusiasm for people. I believe that everyone has extraordinary qualities. Each of us has wisdom and inspiration, but every disappointment, failure, unkind word and poor choice in life can erode our confidence and make us doubt our capabilities. We’re all people with dreams and challenges, with passions and brokenness, we all need someone who can listen and help us see what’s next.

As a coach, people open their lives and their businesses and share it with me. People trust me with their fears and challenges. I’m allowed access to the dreams and passions that people care most about. It’s an honoured, sacred trust.

I believe deeply in intentional living, not letting this life happen to us accidentally, but facing it straight on. As a coach, I help people to engage more fully in their own story. I want to help lift those layers of doubt, help people dive deeper into themselves, into their beliefs, into what they know already to be true about themselves.

Nothing has motivated this more than having children and wanting deeply to not miss a single one of their stories or an opportunity to show them the beautiful things that can be found everywhere.

I love Calgary. We live in such an incredible city full of creative people and enthusiastic, innovative entrepreneurs. Having worked in the non-profit sector, the oil and gas industry, and the music industry, I believe I have some unique insight into the challenges young entrepreneurs in our city face. I’m thrilled to work with our Lead Coach in Calgary, Steve Osmond, to build our team and help our clients tell their own epic stories.

The greatest compliment I’ve had from a client? “Every time I talk to you I leave feeling I have new energy for the things that I love.”

One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others
~Lewis Carrol

Alison Leontaridis

Calgary Business Coach


As VP of a small to midsize environmental company, I met with Alison regularly in a time where the company was struggling and I didn’t know if we’d survive. Every time I met with Alison I left feeling encouraged and hopeful with renewed energy to take steps forward. I can’t imagine her thinking any mountain is too big to climb.

Melissa Morrison

Alison has the amazing ability to listen with a compassionate ear while asking the hard questions to help you discover the deepest places of yourself. She has coached me through some of my toughest moments and decisions. I would not have come to many conclusions or realizations about my life, work, and relationships without her guidance and wisdom.

Jessica Hone