I believe that everyone has something to offer. But far too often, people are told what the job is and they’re expected to fit it, rather than understanding what a person’s strongest skills and traits are, focusing the job in those areas and supporting them in their areas of weakness.

I believe that we need to concentrate on identifying what empowers people, what strengthens them, what makes them want to jump out bed on Monday morning and WANT to go to work. Too often, people get trained in areas of weakness, only to watch them become mediocre in that area.

I believe in focusing on strengths. I think focusing on, and developing strengths moves people from good to exceptional. It can be transformational. When your team can have more autonomy in what and how they do their job, are encouraged to continuously master their job & skills—with a strong rooted appreciation for why they are doing it—just imagine how great your business could be!

I’m very much a process and systems guy. But I’m a team builder too, having built teams for multi-million dollar companies. My first day as a company Vice President, I walked into an empty office and was told, “build it”. I had to hire everyone, train all of them, and coach them into a high-performing team, while implementing the tools and processes we were going to use.

Are you getting the most out of your team? Do you have the systems and in place to get to the next level? Ad hoc processes and “that’s the way we’ve always done it” only gets you so far.

Let’s talk.

Derek Millar

Toronto Business Coach